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Introducing Vitalverse: Stay Healthy and Socialize

If you keep track of your vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and emotional ups and downs, then join our online network today!

Vitalverse is a community eager to share, support, and pursue a healthy lifestyle, together!

Monitor your health numbers
Smart access to vitals

Technology to socialize and stay healthy

Create dynamic charts!

Vitalverse allows you to plot your health statistics in charts and graphs for essential monitoring and good health management .

Share with medical providers!

Easy to export your health journal and share a quick pdf with your caretakers and medical providers.

“Vitalverse helps me keep a track of my health and connect with my community every day.”

“ With Vitalverse all my blood pressure and other vital signs are journaled in one place with ease.”

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Vitalverse capitalizes on the power of social connectivity and community support and encourages health and wellness.


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